In Person and Virtual Learning
Need to learn something new?

Want to transition an in-person course to virtual or refresh some existing content?

That’s what I do (and I love it).

  • Authentic Networking: Building Your Brand without Selling Yourself Out
  • 15 Fun and Functional LinkedIn Tips
  • Saavy Ways to Find Your Next Job
    • 45 minute live session delivered for Babson College Alumni in partnership with my colleague Erica Rydzewski
    • Design, Development and Facilitation
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging – 4 Part Series
    • 4 – 2 hour sessions for Staff of ClearRock, Inc. – beginning in March 2021
    • Design, Development and Facilitation
  • Career Transition Workshop
    • Re-Designed a 14 hour, 2 day in person training to a 5 hour, virtual event without compromising on content, maintaining maximum interaction
    • Overhauled associated learning materials including PowerPoint decks, manuals, graphics and online learning materials.
    • Led a team of 4 on this yearlong initiative for ClearRock, Inc.
  • Networking For Introverts
    • 90 minutes delivered virtually on Zoom/Go To Training for ClearRock, Inc.
    • Design, Development and Facilitation
  • Overcoming Barriers to Networking
    • 90 minutes delivered virtually on Zoom for ClearRock, Inc.
    • Design, Development and Facilitation
  • How to Stay Sane During a Pandemic
    • 8 minutes delivered virtually on Zoom for BNI Brookline, a community of small business owners
    • Design, Development and Facilitation

Microlearning and E-learning

I create video courses that meet
just in time learning needs — using your existing content or new material.

Course Design, Development and Production

Whether you have an large project that needs structure & organization or requires ad-hoc support to make your learning better, I can support your team to

  • Facilitator Guides – Here’s an example.
  • Project Planning/Project Management
  • Crafting Learning Objectives
  • PowerPoint Deck Development
  • Video Production – Scripting/Storyboarding, recording and editing using tools such as Camtasia and Vimeo
  • Alumni Success Stories
    • Created a series of short video success stories to illustrate successful career transitions. Coached participants on scripting and recording. Video editing and marketing to career transition community at ClearRock, Inc.
  • Course Production
    • Supported colleagues to turn longer live courses into short microlearning videos.
    • Produced classes such as Personal Branding, How to Write Accomplishment Stories and LinkedIn Profile Reviews at ClearRock, Inc.

Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton and Jakob Owens on Unsplash